Love with bestfriend


Once upon time there are one girl in iland. She name is danice stizike. She’s my bestfriend. There are always some secret’s that you cannot tell them. This is where bestfriend come. They are always the ones support you when my problem’s connot. I have one I could ever ask for…

She is a very stubborn girl With different personalities.
She has long hair a, silky and black hair that is always tied up in a ponytail. With a lock of hair framing her cute
Round face. Her dark Drown Doe eyes always carry a glint of mischievousness. We would be considered
Sister if not the difference Ina the skin tone and facial

There is another thing that...

differentiates us. It is our
Personalities. In class ,she is stoic emo one while
While I’m the attentive hard-working student. Sometimes
She is childish when I’m mature and rest of sometimes
It is the other way round. Albeit we are so different,
When we are together, we are the known as the two

She despise fruits and vegetables while I’m vegetarian
I meet akemj when I. Was at that time we were just
Acquaintance ran into her in library. This was where our
Friend ship sparked. The other thing that is our paassion
For drawing. We kept separate diaries ang every day we would draw while waiting for our parents

And she so happy
The eng


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  1. whenever i get borred at home i just turn on my TV and start watching videos.there are beutiful enteraning videos on internet. but i love watching romantic videos. between you are doing a great job keep it up

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