Meet Again

They say love is blind surely l satarted to believe in it.I mate this girl after our church serivice buh we didnt have much common to discuss ..My friend always told me that if its yours surely you will have… Continue Reading


Love with bestfriend

Once upon time there are one girl in iland. She name is danice stizike. She’s my bestfriend. There are always some secret’s that you cannot tell them. This is where bestfriend come. They are always the ones support you when… Continue Reading


It Starts With a Bra

Bad boys… It’s so easy to spot them. They’ve got that look. Violet : – Sweet sweaty abs! – Is that your neighbor? – I know your promised? Kaitlyn you’d never swear, but… – That doesn’t stop me! Damn, he’s… Continue Reading



I’m Max. One of my friends told me about Sir Dylan’s confession last month. She really kept on telling me to read it. She even gave me the link. I guess she was forcing me to spend time to read… Continue Reading


he was my everything

Hello friends,my name is senzeni I was in love with a certain guy by the name of Dennis.He lived next door by that time I was young I didn’t know the meaning of love but still I had strong feelings… Continue Reading