It Starts With a Bra


Bad boys…
It’s so easy to spot them.
They’ve got that look.

Violet : – Sweet sweaty abs!
– Is that your neighbor?
– I know your promised? Kaitlyn
you’d never swear, but…
– That doesn’t stop me! Damn, he’s
hella HOT!
– Don’t you think?
– Hello? She Ann Mae?
– He’s a thong tosser, right?
She Ann Mae : – Hmmm… is he sexy?
– He’s SIZZLING! But…
– …he knows he’s hot.
– We live in Sunless Oregon
and he’s moving ONE box.
– Why no shirt?
– Hot guys like him are NOT
to be trusted.
– They’ll rip your heart out
Violet : – Oh my god, he dropped
– …he’s bending down…
-…and there’s that asstastic rear
– She Ann Mae, it’s a sign.
– It’s senior year. Time to grab life by
the balls.
– Preferably HIS, if he’ll let you.
She Ann Mae : – I swore off anything like
that, remember?
Violet : – Was that wink for me?
– Clearly it was for you.
– Now live got my mission — to hook
you up!
She Ann Mae...

: – No way. No interested.
* See, my bad boy hate
wasn’t just about the hot
new guy.
* Something happened to
me last summer.
Something bad.
* So if I’m lucky, I’ll never be
to lay eyes on my new
neighbor again.

In the cell phone

She Ann Mae : – No, Vi. I haven’t seen Hottie
McCheese ball since this
– And I’m going to bed now
so I can —
– …stare at naked guys!
* Shocked
Violet : – Um, hello? That’s my night Every
She Ann Mae : – No, the hot guy next door is
– I can see right into his
room from my window.
– *shiitake mushrooms!*
– I think he just saw me.
Violet : – Call me back on video chat! I need

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