Meet Again


They say love is blind surely l satarted to believe in it.I mate this girl after our church serivice buh we didnt have much common to discuss ..My friend always told me that if its yours surely you will have it .I must say we were both in love with each other but no one was ready to show it up for it is the guy who should make the first move . Ruu was beyond my imagination her beauty kept me in a world that brought smile on mi fce . We were always finding ourselves bumping into each other and we could mistakenly kiss each other guys oops it was so romantic .Finaly we get close to each other and the last thing that happened between us was that we finaly fall in love with each other.Love was burning between us like a furnace and we spent and made unforgetable memories .Then a suden tragic happened Ruu was found to have a brain tumour and she had only left with a few months to live l really felt the pain inside me when she told e that Muu lets break up for l wont be able to be with yu in the future ooooh my legs trembled my heart heavier like l was carring a bag of cement and tears dripping lik water flowing in a river .This was the first time l really felt and experienced another type of emotion and l realised how l loved Ruu .I wasnt ready to live her because she was the women of my dreams and unlike other girls she was diffrent totaly inferior.I spent my days thinking about this issue and one day when l visited her at the hospital she wasnt there either , l asked the doctors buh they refused ...

to tell me surely l became weak insted l was fired from my job and l lived in misery up to two years .Finaly l was awake and back to the self old me get a job and life became brighter buh in mi mind her name was still whispering ….Four years later l was transferred to Australia because of work as there was a patient l had to operate .Reachin Austalia l mate the patient’s parents and they seemed to be farmiliar but l ignored it .The next day all the preparations for the surgery were all set up l had a feeling that Ruu was here somewhere and that thought haunted me till the surgery was done .The girl was having a heart transplant buh one thing was that she looked like Ruu her lips , hair everything .All was well and to my suprise her parents invited me to dinner just to appreciate the work that l have done to save their daugters life .Introductions were given and l was shocked that this girl’s name was Ruu my eyes twinkled with excitment could she be the one , is she my Ruu l asked myself too many questions without anyone to aswer.Me and Ruu finaly we had a walk outside and to my suprise those episodes of misataken kisses rolled back again and l was like God if she is the one give mi a sign ..a silver neckchain just dropped from her pocket l stopped picked it up there our old pic hanging in that locket .There was silent for a while gazing at each other she whispered Muu is it you and l was like yesssss your healer its me oooooh we gave each other a tight hug kissed one another finaly my Ruu was with me the same l missed for four years .She told me that she had no brain tumour and for her to have a heart transplant was that her heart was weak and our love glowed again and happiness flowed ……………..



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