My Eyes~jimin Story(bts)

Yuqi: eonnie ah(sister)im going now but…how about you?
Yn:(your name)yuqi im okay here plus no one can kidnapped me im a blind u know that…
Yuqi:*sigh*fine im going now bye…

I was staring at the view until someone call me

I smile as i know who it was

Jungkook:noona what are u doing here alone?

Yn:im not alone i was with yuqi earlier but she left because she have a date with mark

Jungkook:ohh oka-

???: jungkook hyung(more like a brother)

Jungkook:jimin hyung!

I was confused who is jimin so i ask jungkook

Yn:jungkookie who’s that?

Jungkook:oh jimin hyung this yn noona yn this is jimin

Jimin:hi*reach out his hand for handshake*

I can feel jimin reach his hand for handshake but I didn’t respond

Jungkook:hyung she’s blind

Jimin:o-oh…so let’s go?

Jungkook:bu-*i cut him off*

Yn: jungkookie its okay*i smiled*

Jungkook:if u said so let’s go…bye noona!

10 mins

I already went home but when i open the door my father suddenly yell at me

Dad:yah!why did you go out without telling to us?!

Yn:dad…not now im tired lets talk tomorrow

Dad:*sigh heavily*go and take a rest
Jimin:let me give you a hand

Jimin guide me to upstairs



After jimin guide me i told to him to stay

Jimin:so can i know when did you become blind?

Yn:well……..i was born blind but the doctor said she will help me to get to see but until now i still can’t see i always pray that i can see again but nothing we can do…

Jimin:oh sorry to hear that

Yn:no its okay besides i also love to talk to you

After 4 hours

Jimin is still there awake watching me sleeping until..

Knock knock

My mom went inside smiling

Mom:oh u still here?

Jimin:ah yes she want me to look at her and stay here

Mom:oh…btw jimin ah please never leave her side okay i just don’t want to see her suffer again can u please?

Jimin:*smile*of course

Next morning

Author POV

Jimin take Yn out for a date so he can confessed to her

Jimin POV

After we eat i take yn...

to a park so that i can confessed to her already but im so hella nervous right now

Yn:jimin ah ur alright?
Jimin:a-ah ye-s

Jimin’s thought:the hell your stuttering?!

After some walk im ready to confess to her so i held her both hands and look infront of her

Yn:ahh jimin?

Jimin:yn ah when i fist met you i was like i see an angel ur soo beautiful that i can’t help to stare at you even if your blind I don’t care i love you the way you are if you can’t cook its okay i will cook for i like-i mean i love you…so will you be my girlfriend i know its fast-

Yn:jimin i also like you even I can’t see you but my heart choose you because u always take care of me i love you too jimin…so yes i like to be your girlfriend

5 years later

Author POV

its been a long time since jimin and yn are now married yn can’t see until now but now she will do a surgery to see again


You:jimin im scared

Jimin:shhh its okay im here hold my arms okay

Yn: arasseo

Doc:so let’s get it now

After 3 mins

Doc:okay now open your eyes slowly

I do what the doctor said as i opened my eyes i first saw is jimin

Jimin:u can see me now yn ah*tearing up*

Dad/mom:baby yn ah!*they ran and hug me*

Yn:mom dad?

Dad/mom:yes its us finally u can see us baby

I hug them while tearing until i heard a familiar voice


Yn:baby boy is that you?

Jungkook:yes noona*he ran and join the hug*

Yn:aww my baby boy is crying….

Then i see the first person who i see first crying therw silently


Jimin:baby yes its me

Yn:come here

He went to me and kiss me

Jimin:u can finally see me baby i love you so so so much jagi

Yn:i love you too jimin ah so so damn much*i said as i smile*

Yn:thank you jimin because you become My eyes~

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