To My The One That Got Away

To My The One That Got Away
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👯Meet Olivia Rachélle de Asis – a mean girl who doesn’t know how to value and appreciate herself. She’s a kind of typical girl wearing an eyeglasses since she was fifteen because of visual infairment and with 700/500 vision. An AB Psychology Student at one of the premiere State University in Metro Manila. Aloner and only loves her own company all the time, but a friendly sometimes once you get to know her better, a rebellious amazona outside but a lovely and softhearted woman inside. Don’t judge someone quickly. A lover to her mother Júlia and a childish and clíngy daughter to her father Pablo De Asis. Her father Pablo is the only someone she always look up to, his wisdom and thoughts mold Olivia into the most better version of herself, while her mother Júlia is a kind of strict mom, not showy and always manifest high etiquette and standards, in short her parents has the most contrasting personalities but they are Olivia’s favorite duo.
👰Amethyst Gail Crisostomo -A “kikay” but one call away bestfriend of Olivia, she actually had known Olivia from top to toe, a good listener and a wise adviser. She’s Olivia’s bestfriend since High School up to College she’s the witnessed of Olivia on her shortcomings and victories in life.
💂Gregorio Samuel Santiago- Olivia’s long time partner but their relationship ended. Gregory is a kind of “pa-fall”, womanizer, and he only put Olivia in pain. He’s not handsome but exactly look like an Indian
👷 Lukas Parcon- Olivia’s “The One That Got Away”
👲Christian James Vergara- Olivia’s real love.
Olivia is addicted to social networking sites like pictagram, dueloroom and just chat. Everyday she posted rant status on her dueloroom account, how devastated and broken she was because of his ex Gregory. Actually they were separated for almost 2 years now but Olivia is the one who can’t be moved because Gregory is her first and long time partner, her first everything and her first buddy to her first real life adventure.
He met Gregor because of her bestfriend Amy, one afternoon while they sat at the school corridor while Amy is hurry because she was called by their school admin and Olivia is the only left at the same spot, and luckily Amy forgot her phone at the table because of boredom and curiousity she was triggered to invade Amy’s cellular phone privacy, so she decided to stole a random cellphone numbers from Amy’s phone.
Amethyst: Beshie, please excuse me for a while muna ha the school admin is looking for to see me (because you know I’m so beautiful😅)
Olivia: (She’s used to her bff’s kakerihan) Oh Sure. Maghihintay nalang ako dito tutal sanay ka naman paghintayin ako.
Ameythyst: Aww! My Beshie is tampururot promise I’ll be in a hurry. (Sabay beso sa pisngi ng kaibigan😘) Bye! Beshywap, see yah laturrrr
Olivia: Okay! 😏 Pakibilisan po ha.
Olivia is the only remaining person at the place. Nilibang nya nalang ang kanyang sarili upang hindi sya mabored sa paghihintay sa kaibigan
Olivia: Alone again. Masanay kana Via tutal sanay kana naman diba (ani nito sa sarili ng may biglang tumunog sa ibabaw ng lamesa) My God! Amy almost forgot her phone keringkeng talaga ng babaeng yun.
Sanay na sila sa bawat isa, sa katunayan para na ngang magkapatid ang turing nila sa isa’t isa.
Olivia: Sino kaya nagtext, matingnan kaya but it’s a form of invading Amethyst personal matters, so I would exit the inbox button and I’ll go to the contacts. Wow! Brainy mo talaga Via (she thought) but in a bad way.
Binilis bilisan ni Via ang pag forward ng mga random phone number from different guys. O sabihin na nating nakaw because she’s not asking Amy’s permission first pero sige na ganuun na yun 😋
Olivia: (while scrolling) Sorry beshywap but I have to do this because I’m so boring right now. (Ngiting tagumpay) She even sent messages.
After a while Olivia’s phone rang
“Totoot totoot”
1 message received: Olivia opened the message quickly.
Sino po sila?
fri. 2:49 pm via SMS
I’m Olivia
Message sent
fri. 2:50 pm via SMS
Hindi namalayan ni Olivia na dumating na pala si Amy mula sa school admin ng bigla sya nitong gulatin.
Amethyst: Hooooooy! Babae what’s happening around here? Why are you smiling? Are you blushing siguro may bebe kana noh (pang aasar sa kaibigan)
Olivia: (Defensive) Stop it Amy! Like duhhh boys are the same and I’ll never let myself to be their victim.😏
Amethyst: Talaga lang ha😝Bat ka nga nakangiti? Tell me, huwag ka na mahiya beshywap.
Olivia (Trying to change the topic) Here’s your phone, napakaburara mo talagang babae ka.
Amethyst: Oh my God thanks beshie I thought I lost my phone paano na kami mag uusap ng mga bebe ko.😅
Olivia: REALLY!😑
By the way what happened to the office, what did Sir Alvarez told you?
Amethyst: It’s a secret😜
Olivia: Ano nga😏
Amethyst: Sige na nga I’ll tell you, Sir Alvarez noticed me that we are having Fashion Show it’s related to our subject SA 1 so as a class president it’s my obligation to tell all of you that it’s going to be a contest by year level.
Olivia: Seriously? 🙊
Amethyst: Yes and be prepared I’m going to give you the summer attire.
Amethyst: Sorry the organizers has been decided and they prefer you to represent the freshman team for the summer attire, basta ako I would go for the casual wear tutal sexy naman ako.
Olivia: Aaaaaaaaargh! Noooo Amy.
Amethyst: Gagawin mo or babagsak ka.😌
It’s already in the afternoon the school admin decided to conduct early class dismissal for all the students to prepare for the fashion show, this is the most awaited and biggest event of the year. Every students are able to showcase their special talents and to boost everyone’s confidence especially in Olivia’s part, an old soul even when she get dressed very old fashioned.
Unlike Amethyst her bestfriend is one of the most fashionista and popular trendsetter at their campus kaya naman sanay na sanay na itong magpakita ng kurba, di naman talaga maitatangging may angking kagandahan si Amethyst binabagayan pa ito ng mala diwata nyang dating dahil sa pananamit nito, hindi dito mapagkakaila kahit kailan hindi sya naging manang manamit na kagaya ni Olivia, maganda naman si Olivia may maamong mukha o angelic face samantalang si Amethyst naman ay fierce ang ganda na pwedeng isabak kahit saan lalong lalo na sa pagmomodelo.
+At the school pavillion+
Amethyst: Omg! Beshy after so many centuries, finally you are now able to show some skin, happy to know that the event organizers will gave you the sumer attire. (Parang nang aasar)
Olivia: (Annoyed) Will you please stop messing around me, beshy if this not for the sake of my grade I’m not doing this crap. 🙅 (nagmamaktol)
Amethyst: Like D-U-H Olive oil let me remind you the roman era has been done centuries ago so ano minamaktol mo dyan. Hello we are now at the 21st century actually the twenty first millenium has nearly come to its end, so perhaps people won’t mind if sasabay ka rin sa uso for quite sometime.
Olivia: You think it suit me well or maybe I can do it? What if I can’t😥
Amethyst: Of course you can my beshy, stop overthinking I’ll take care of you. Kailan ba kita nilaglag?
Olivia: Thank you beshy😿
(Trying to hug Amethyst)
Amethyst: You so drama, tama na yan girl. So are you ready to transform into Olivia Rachellé de Asis Version 2.0 in just one day?
Olivia: Gaga
“Amethyst: Always remember you’ll be the most beautiful for that night.”
(and they laugh together)
Mabilis na lumipas ang mga oras ng hindi nila namamalayan, natapos rin ang buong araw na wala parin si Olivia nagawa, she felt it was boring while the others are enjoyed especially her amiga Amethyst.
Mas pinili na lamang ni Olivia ang maupo habang abala ang lahat sa paghahanda, biglang tinawag si Olivia ng isa sa mga event organizer dahil 8 pm pa pala matatapos ang rehearsal.
She’s Ms. Suzette Aragon the chreographer and one of the organizer,
Hindi pa naman ito katandaan maybe she’s in her late forties but her body looks like it is maintained with healthy diet and exercise, lakas maka-Ina Raymundo ang datingan😍
“Ms. Aragon: Come here (habang hawak ang isang pares ng high heels at isang sexy short kasama ang hanging top) wear these, join them on their rehearsal hindi yung nakatunganga kalang diyan...

Ms. de Asis”
“Olivia: (Nanlaki ang mata) Seryoso po ba ito Ms. Aragon e, halos wala na pong matakpan sa katawan ko.”
“Ms. Aragon: Are you complaining Ms. de Asis? I guess you wanna fail and retake this subject in summer break all alone. Look at them, they’re trying to face their fears and take another risk to boost their confidence. (Diretsahang sambit nito) why are you still standing there go to the cr and get dressed.”
Mabilis na tumakbo si Olivia patungo sa pinakamalapit na cr upang makapagbihis na ito.
Mukhang natauhan si Olivia sa sinabi ni Ms. Aragon kaya kahit labag man ito sa kanyang kalooban ay gagawin nya nalang dahil ayaw nya bumagsak.
(Back to the School Pavillion the sorroundings were taken by modern music with different people doing their respective parts)
Nakatayo parin kasi ito sa may pintuan halatang nahihiya pa itong pumasok dahil sa kasuotan, nilakasan nya na lamang ang kanyang loob upang makahabol pa sya sa mga unang steps para sa production number na nilapatan ng hits ng Pussycat dolls na “Don’t Cha” hindi naman ang buong musika kundi kinuha lang ang beat nito.
“There you are Ms. de Asis, hurry up now hindi kana makakahabol ayoko ng pa-VIP you can decide now if you join or you’ll retake this subject.” Ms. Aragon said.”
“Olivia: Yes Ma’am I’m coming na po, sorry po.”
“Ms. Aragon: Doon ka sa likod ni Samantha pumwesto upang makasabay ka, okay guys back to basic steps.”
Samantha come here in front you are the one who take the lead.”
Samantha Ysabelle Delloro- one of the campus popular, former Ms. Deluviant State University, Daughter of the DSU -Doctors Hospital Surgeon Dr. Emmanuel Delloro, and DSU Dean of College of Arts in Letter, Dr. Sonia Delloro, Ph.D, Campus crush, Student Council President, An AB Psych Student, Athlete, Psych Dept. Representative for Delegation for Annual Top Students in Asia, in other words she’s brainy complete package but she have the attitude problem, maarte at may pagkaarogante, spoiled brat at bully.
Benedict Luis- A medicine student, Samantha Ysabelle Delloro’s ex bf, according to the rumors their relationship won’t last for a year dahil may iba raw napupusuan ang binata walang iba kundi ang old fashioned na si Olivia, kahit alam ng lahat na bet sya ni Amethyst, he rejected the beautiful lady just for Olivia.
Shekainah, Loraine, Venice, and Zahara -the circle of friends of Samantha, they’re all came from rich and popular families in Metro, lamang parin si Amethyst dahil bukod sa maganda’t may brains rin naman ay down to earth itong dalaga. Magaganda rin sila kaya lang maattitude at kulang sa brains, tanging si Samantha lang ang nakakaangat sa kanila dahil well known naman talaga itong beauty with brain.
+Mabilis na lumipas ang mga oras ay dumating na ang araw ng Fashion Show
at talaga namang pinaghandaan ito ng DSU ang tema ay inspired from Victoria’s Secret Runway show, punung puno ng palamuti ang stage kasabay ang mahabang red carpet sa runway, at nagliliwanag na ilaw. Mixed emotion ang nararamdaman ni Olivia, samantalang si Amethyst ay chill lang, Si Samantha at ang kanyang circle of friends ay naghired pa ng stylist at make up artist para paghandaan talaga ang fashion show, Si Amethyst naman ang nag ayos kay Olivia hindi na ito bago kay Amethyst dahil sanay na sanay na ito sa pag aayos.
+At DLU Room 224 ito ang nagsilbing area ng mga freshman psych students.
“Olivia: Beshy are you sure kaya ko ba talaga ‘to? Paano kung mapahiya ako? Bakit ba kasi ito pa yung binigay sa akin, umatras nalang kaya ako.”
“Amethyst: (Nagtataka) Wow! Beshy ngayon kapa talaga aatras kung kailan oras na, ano ba don’t think about it, kaya mo yan saka andito naman ako. (Habang hawak ang face mirror) look at your face you are so very pretty, all you have to do is be yourself, never mind the crowd and just enjoy the night, matatapos rin ito trust me.”
“Olivia: (Acting like a childish who’s asking for a validation) Promise,
” Amethyst: Oo nga ano ba huwag kana magdrama sayang makeup mo lalo ka niyan papangit, dati kapa naman pangit.”
“Olivia: (Laughing) Gaga ka talaga.
+Isang oras nalang at magsisimula na ang show, nanatili parin ang dalawa sa classroom habang naghihintay para sa pagsisimula.
×Olivia’s phone is vibrating…..×
” Amethyst: Beshy someone is calling at your phone, just pick it up.”
“Olivia: (Picked up the phone) Yes! Hello Mama bakit ka po napatawag?
*Mama Julía: (mula sa kabilang linya) anong oras ka pala anak uuwi 6 pm na wala ka parin.”
“Olivia: Hmm kasi po Mama may activity po kami dito sa school kaya late na po ako makakauwi, pasabi po kay Papa na sunduin ako hindi ko po kasi kaya itong mga dala dala ko.”
“Mama Julía: Oh sige anak basta umuwi agad pagkatapos. Love youuu. Bye!”
“Olivia: Love you too Ma! Bye po.”
… Totoot totoot call ended
+Magsisimula na ang show
Emcee: Good evening Ladies and Gents, welcome to the biggest event of Deluviant State University.
Around of applause please.
Magpapasiklaban at matitira ang matibay.
Unang lumabas ng runway ay si Samantha suot nito ang isang cocktail dress na ginawang revealing ang dibdib, hindi sya bastos tingnan she looks so sexy in that dress at mas lalo pang gumanda dahil sa nude make up.
Kanyang kanyang hiyawan ang mga nanonood daig pa nito ang nasa beauty contest dahil may sarili pala itong fans club sa universidad
“Random fans: Samantha, Samantha, hoooooooooo”
Kaya mas lalo pa itong ginanahan sa pagrampa at mas naging confident pa.
Sunod na lumabas ay si Amethyst suot nito ang isang casual wear na bagay na bagay sa kanya at mas lalo rin itong mas naging sopistikada dahil sa simpleng makeup nito, na sya lang ang nag ayos sa sarili.
Hiyawan rin ang mga taga hanga ni Amethyst lalo na ang mga lalake.
“Random boys: Go Amethyst, go crush ang ganda mo talaga.
At sunud sunod ng lumabas ang mga iba pero ang pinakahuli pero hindi magpapahuli ay si Olivia suot nito ang simpleng swimwear at sexy shorts at nakahawaiian cap rin ito na mas lalo nagpatingkad sa awra nya.
Palabas na sana sya pero nag atubli pa itong dumiretso dahil sa hiya pero dahil kay amethyst ay nagpatuloy at mas nabuhayan sya ng tumayo si Benedict at isigaw ang pangalan nya, parang nabaling lahat ng atensyon kay Olivia karamihan ay nabigla sa kanyang naging transformation, kahit ang mga judges ay palakpakan at standing ovation.
Sino ba naman kasi ang mag aakalang ang manang na ito’y may tinatago rin palang charisma.
” Benedict: Kaya mo yan Olivia go for it honey.”
Ito’y kinakilig ng karamihan lalo na ni Amethyst pero hindi ito ikinatuwa ni Samantha pati ng mga kaibigan nitong impakta.
+Magtatapos na ang show deliberation of winners nalang ang hinihintay at mga ilang minuto nga ay ipoproklama na ang mga mananalo.
Si Ms. Aragon ang head ng board of Judges at sya na rin ang magproproclaim sa mga mananalo
“Ms. Aragon: Good evening ladies and gents, the moment of truth congratulations to the over all champion for this year’s fashion show is Psych Dep’t.”
Hindi naman masasabing lutong lugaw ang naging resulta ng show dahil halata namang mas nag excel ang psych kumpara sa ibang dep’t. Nasungkit rin ni Olivia ang best in Summer Attire, sya rin ang darling of the crowd at most loved sa facebook, nakuha naman ni Amethyst ang Best in Casual Wear at Best in Make Up, Miss Photogenic, Best in Ramp samantalang si Samantha naman ay Best in cocktail dress lang ang nakuha nito kaya halos umusok ang ilong nito sa galit at inggit kay Olivia lalo na nang icheer ito ng ex nyang si Benedict Luis.
Palabas na sana ng Pavillion si Olivia at Amethyst kung saan ginanap ang show ng bigla silang harangin ng grupo ni Samantha.
“Samantha (Halatang bitter) Oh the two cockroaches, you know what papansin ka talagang freak ka (asik nito kay Olivia) dapat sana ako yung nanalo at hindi ikaw (sabay hablot at trophies at certificates na hawak ni Olivia).”
Amethyst: (Ipagtatanggol ang kaibigan) Ano ba Samantha tumigil kana ayaw namin ng gulo kaya paraanin nyo kami.
Ngunit hindi sila nito pinakinggan akmang hahatakin sana ni Samantha si Olivia sa braso ng biglang dumating si Benedict
“Benedict: Samantha what’s going on? What happened between you and Olivia?”
“Samantha: Nothing Benedict, I’m just congratulating Olivia and Amethyst, right girls?”
“Circle of Friends: “Oh yes”
“Amethyst: So shall we go now Sammy, it’s already late.”
“Samantha: (Plastik) Sure you go ahead two (sabay beso at bulong kay Olivia) Hindi pa tayo tapos freak.”
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