Love in one sideπŸ˜”


Hello guys! 😊
This story is my love story. Let’s read.
I am studying in 11 class and my love 12 class . One day I was going visit with my friend. And my friend had told me before please read in early morning.
Me : ok
He : if you do not ready . I’ll go without you .
Me: ok ! Ok!


He:pihu ( are you ready ?)
Me:yes only one minute please.
He: yeah ! Yeah ! Only one minute. You know I know your one minute ok madam .
Me: Let’s go! Let’s!

We was watching movies in theater .
He: you know I really want partner like this . Please
Me: what ? Please
He: gf ( girlfriend )
Me: Anki I have already tell you . I don’t want any relationship ok . Got it .
He: ok ! Let it be. Lest go other place
Me: where ?
He : where you want !
Me : ok! I never visit Red fort !
He : ok Let’s go
When we was going we show I girl mean she was so
Me: see her she is so perfect for you πŸ˜†
He: are you mad ? I don’t know. Who is she ?
Me: if you don’t know. When you will meet her then you will know.
He: 😬 I don’t want ok . Got it
Me: 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣……..!
After reaching there we was talking about a pic with each other ! There . There was lots of couple. Anki I want to enjoy . Can we dance with each other.
Me:Yeah sure!
After dancing we got sit and he …….!
He: I love you 😘
Me: are you mad ? you know you are my friend only friend
He : please really I never heart you .
Me: you know we have got relationship but you don’t want friend? Do you
He : please thinking about it I don’t want you give me answers yet !
Before thinking about this after that you can give me answers! Whatever your answer I will accept that...

Me: I want go to home yet I don’t know . how? ok
After reaching home my relation had come my home
My cousin: Hy pihu what’s up. How are you ?
Me: I am fine
After this I went to my home and after 10 o’clock I called my cousin kuhoo after coming she said to me what happened . I saw ! what is problem ?
Me: actually anki propose me and I am confusing !
Kuhoo : he . Anki! monki ! πŸ˜‚
Me: yes how is he ? Tell me please
Kuhoo: if he propose me . I accept it
He is really good person for me.
Me: ok I’ll discuss his for you . He do relationship form you ok ! 🀣
Kuhoo : ok please πŸ˜—you are my best sister.
Me: πŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺπŸ₯΄.
Next day he called me and said what’s your answer I want answer I can’t wait
Me: ok
He: what ok tell me if you love so says me I love you
And if you don’t love me so says I hate you
Me: I am ready for relationship ok mr.
He: ok
We used to go for visit and party .
And after few months relationship he began to start fight with me like. I don’t like you go outside home without my permission. And visit any boy or girl also
One day I thought about I should make a fb I’d and I should cheak !
I made a fb I’d ! And send friend request ! He except my friend request
He: hy
Me: hello ! How are you ?
He: I am fine and you . Where are you live ? After talking one week
Me: do you have any gf
He: yes she is khushi
Me:😑 khushi ? What.
He: yes !
Me: who is pihu ! Time pass yeah sure !
He: how do you know pihu .
Me: she is my friend .
I called him and said wow if you don’t want me why are you propose. me tell me.I want answers ok .
I hate anki . I hate and good by πŸ‘‹
I wish we never meet πŸ˜”
Ok byy πŸ‘‹

Write by: pihu

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