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PS.{This story was really happened in my life HAHAHA}
It’s almost a year ago i had a girlfriend (i just don’t want to say her name for her privacy) I’d really love her, she’s just my girlfriend for almost a 3 months. Yes i know it’s kinda short time but still… i still loved her until now… she’s a friend of mine and my friend told me that she broke up with his boyfriend just for me… she said before that she likes me and she had a crush on me at first i didn’t believe cause she’s also my friend I’ve thought that she was just kidding but she said
“Seryoso ako oi totoong crush kita…” i didn’t know what should I feel i just said “ok lng yun crush lng nmn ehh” then she replied “agoi walang chance”
I just laugh at her “HAHAHA”
Then that’s it my friend told me that things she did just for me. I was shocked because she really did that for me?… a few days after my friend tells me that i chat her “oi good morning” then she replied “good morning din😊” I’m really shy to ask her about that happened but still I’ve asked
“Oum (her name) sabi ni (friend) naki pag break kah daw?” Then she said “ahh Oo Hahaha” i said “bakit Nmn?” I’d ask her like i didn’t know everything… she didn’t reply then I said “oumm (her name) ok lng kong di mo sagutin 😊 oummm pwede bah kong mag tanong?” She answered “sigeh ano bah yan?” I replied “pwede bah kitang ligawan?” She said
“Weh? Talaga? Liligawan mo ko? Kala ko bah walang chance?” I said “kala ko din ehh pero malay mo mag work, so… pwede bah?” She answered “Oo nmn kahit nga wag na ehh Hahaha” then I sent her my voice message… I was singing in my voice message like a harana then she replied “wow ang ganda ng boses mo may pa harana kapah hah! Hahaha” i court her for almost a week then she said “Oo nah” i said “huh? Anong Oo nah?” She said “mag kaka diabetes nko sa pang liligaw mo huo na tayo na...

ok?” I just didn’t answer for a while cause i didn’t expect she’s now my girlfriend… then she said “Hoy seener!” Then I replied “talaga? Tayo nah? Wala ng bawian yan ahh pero sinasabi ko sayo di mashadong maganda yung ugali ko mjd abnormal ako mag isip, palaging tinutoyo, seloso, mjd isip bata so ano ngayon palang tatanongin na kitah STAY?” then she replied “stay Hahaha”
I was so happy cause I’ve thought she’s really the one for me but….
I’d ask her again “talaga? Pero di nmn ako ganun ka gwapo di ganun kah talino mabait ako pero masamang magalit so talaga bang stay kah?” She answered
“STAY9999999 at STAY PARIN”
We’ve been happy for a short time she always have a good night and so many Iloveyou from me every time that i woke up i chat her first with “good morning eat kana pag gising mo hah! I LOVE YOU ALWAYS AND FOREVER” that’s how sweet I am… but after 2 months she’d became cold at me she’s just liking my messages and always on but not chatting me I just feel something then the day has come HAHAHA…
Some of my friends asking me why??? Why i let her go in just like that so easy thay keep asking why?? I didn’t fight for her? Then one of my closest friend ask me “bakit mo pinalaya?” Then i was crying answering her in chat
” Kasi sabi nyah di padaw pwede magagalit yung lolo nyah but the real reason is ginawa nya lng akong jowain dahil sa isang dare jinowa nyah ko for almost 3 months then she said “I’m sorry di pako pwede I’m really sorry”
Then i said “I’ll wait for you kapag pwede nah… pero kapag di kna nka balik di nko tatangap pah ng iba” then she didn’t reply then i just know to my another friend that she’s already have a boyfriend and they’ve been together for almost a year. At first masakit but i accept it but the most hurtful thing is minahal ko sya ng totoo kahit dare lng yun…😄”
Till now i know to my self that I still have a feelings for her even though I’m just a temporary but now I accept that she already found her permanent😊…
Thanks for reading☔︎☻︎


  1. Normal lng naman na masaktan kasama yan sa pag mamahal pero yong Hindi ka na mag mamahal because of her Hindi yan normal…Piliin mo pa ring mag mahal pero kapag nag mahal ka dapat yon na rin yong taong papakasalan mo para walang masaktan 😊

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