How To Get Real Love

I love someone and the person also loves me he call me all the time I as called her all the time one morning I called her and and he pic my call when we where talking I hear her saying what is that give me my phone so.there was someone how has collected her phone so I asked that person why then she said ooo no problem then I side ok she ask what am I to her sister then I said he my wife then he said what did I do in deyli life then I said I go to school then she ask...

at where then I said ejisuman high school then she said why don’t I fuck his sister so that I can see that her sister love me the I ooo please it is not time for that after that and her sister called me and said his brother have collected his phone and she said she won’t give it to her again and her mother heard about it and her mother silap her to be careful about me and I don’t no what I did to her mom bt still the girl love me so what should I do to make the love become stronger

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