I covered my mouth as my lips shivered after I took the pregnancy test. There’s two red line appears. I’m pregnant.
“Babe! Are you okay there? Would you mind if I come in? What took you so long to com—” Dean wasn’t able to finish his sentence the moment he saw what I am holding.
“D-dean. I’m pregnant.” I stuttered as I showed him the pregnancy test stick.
“What?! Really? That’s a good news! Finally I’m going to be a father!” He almost jump after hearing the news and he even repeatedly shouted the last line.
“This is a mistake Dean! This shouldn’t happened! My parents will be disappointed if they found out that I became a mother at the early age! I can’t continue this pregnancy!” I complained.
“What?! What do you mean by that? Are you planning to abort our baby?! No! I won’t let that happen Cath! It’s a life! It’s not a stuff toy that you can just dispose!” He scolded.
“But what do we do?!”
“We will both become a good parent to our child Cathleen. We will raise our baby together.” He held my hands and comforted me.
My tears dropped without a warning while looking at my husband and my daughter. I wiped those tears after reminiscing those days I want to give up our own child.
We’re still in college that time and our both parents expect a lot from...

us. They felt disappointed after hearing that I’m pregnant. But after all, they don’t have a choice but to accept things.
“B-babe? Why are you still awake?” He asked while rubbing his eyes.
“I’m not sleepy yet. Uhm… babe, I just wanna say thank you because you came into my life. Thank you because you didn’t left me when you found out that we’re having a baby.” I smiled.
“I love you Cathleen and that’s enough reason to make me stay. The time I courted you, I promised to myself that I won’t hurt you and I won’t let myself be the cause of any pain to you.” He caressed my face as he kissed me on my forehead.
He’s Dean and he’s my boyfriend. It might be too early for us to have a baby, but it didn’t hinder us to let each other feel loved like it was the first time.
You can barely have a man who can be a true man for you. A man with one word and not afraid of taking up responsibilities. A man that could let you feel that you’re a woman and you deserve to treat as it is. A man that could make you fall in love every each day.
Fortunately, I have that man that I will be spending the rest of my life. We love each other and we are both ready to face further challeges of life.
—Wolf Amadeo

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