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Today is our fifth anniversary. I saw how my boyfriend excitedly prepared himself. He even styled his hair neatly. And all I can say is, ang gwapo talaga ng boyfriend ko kahit saang anggulo ko pa ito tignan.
“Am I handsome, dear? Am I?” He asked while looking himself at the mirror as he smiled.
Mahina namang natawa ako sa tanong niya. Hubby, you know you’re always a good looking man sa paningin ko kahit mag mukha ka pang ano r’yan. Ikaw at ikaw lang ang gwapong lalaki sa paningin ko and no one can ever change that. No one. Okay?
He chuckled. “Of course I am dear. I am handsome. Hindi ka mahuhulog sa’kin kung hindi malakas ang karisma ko sa’yo. Right?”
I slightly nodded my head, agreeing to his words. He sighed as he fix himself. After that, he goes straight to the parking lot and drives himself from the place he used to go.
As we arrived on our destination, he grabs the bouquet of flowers that he bought mula pa kanina. He bitterly smiled...

as he lighted up a candle and put it on my grave together with the flower.
His eyes begun to watered as he said these words, “It’s been three years since you left me, honey. And in that years, you’re still here— in my heart,” he pointed as where his heart is as he murmured between his sobs. He smiled bitterly as if he’s forcing himself not to cry, but didn’t make it. His voice broke as he continued his words, “I will wait for you, even tho it takes hundred of years ’til we meet again.”
I bitterly bit my lower lip as I let out a soft sobs. I tried to reach for his shoulder, hoping that I can touch him just this once but I bursted into tears when that didn’t happen.
All I can say was ‘i love you’ in a silent voice hoping he can hear me or even feel it.
He smiled weakly and that affects me. “I know,” he said as he touches my tomb. “And I love you too, honey. And forever will be.”
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