2 Mistakes


first of all i want to tell that i am half Indian and Half Pinoy. my father is indian and mother from Philippines , i studied in india , now i start my story…

It was first time i fall in love with my classmate in 11th Class (High School).I always went school for her not for study. But i Never share my feelings to anyone neither with my friends also, thats because i was very shy guy. i changed my section and my subjects just because of her.
I was intersted in Math but i left math because this was the only way to change my section.So life was so fast and now we were in 12th class. I did not ever tell her about my love although we were good friends.The exams were near and i knew that after exams we will never meet each other again.
Before I said her anything my friend told me that she loves him. I said how can you say that she did not ever say anything to you and he said yes, i know. But i did not belive him. One day only me my friend and my crush was in the class, all students were went to home because of last period. And they were talking with each other. Then My friend proposed to her and after some thinking she said “YES”.
it was the first day (14 sep,2007) of my life in 17th year when i was so upset. I cant explain in words. 🙁 Then I never said anything to anyone about my love.
After that i came here in Philippines in 2008 and slowly slowly i was forgetting her. after 5 years i fell in love again but with another girl. and the foolish thing is that we met on Facebook. I always remain online for her and offline for all other people.
So one day i said to her that “I LOVE YOU’ do you love me? she replied “MAY BE” i thoght if may be that means she also love me.So now we started texting each...

other and also chat with webcam. But she never exposed her feelings to me that she really love me or not. I always Ask her please answer me, If you love me or not? i said if you cant say “yes” please say “no” but she neither said yes nor no. Once She deactivated her facebook account and then i also deactivate mine. Next day she activate her account and the she message me on my cell that why u deactivated your account? and ask me to activate it again. I said okay first u tell that u love me or not? Say Yes Or No. And i got this message “ok yes, So ? “That was the happiest day for me.
One day i saw her ex-bf in her chat box and asked her about him and she said he is my just friend not bf. i said may be she is telling a truth.And one night around 1’o clock. i tried to open her facebook account with diffrent passwords.And you know what i succeeded.
Truly speaking i was shivering that time beacuse i was only praying to God please dont show her and her bf’s messages. But again it was my bad luck and i read their messages.Which shows me that they are still in love.It was 3 of may in 2012.
It was the same feeling as in 2007. i messaged her with the attachment of her and her bf’s messgs, and she replied this is my life you can’t interfere in it. i generaly said ok.
Then i removed her from my profile but later add again beacause of she was my very close friend for 1 year.Untill now she is my friend but i did not ever chat with her after that day. First i was using facebook for 9-10 hours but after only 1-2 hours in 4 to 5 days. The only thing i can say :-
“First time i did a mistake,that i did not tell her about my love”
“Second time i did a mistake, to tell her about my love”

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